Fire/Life Safety Technician 32 Hour Program
This course covers the NFPA 72 2007 Edition changes from previous NFPA 72. You must have a NFPA 72 2007 Edition in order to complete this course
More Information:
The 32 hour online course for Fire/life Safety Technician is based on the changes in NFPA 72, 2007 Edition.

The student is required to read chapters, highlight and review the code changes from chapter 1 through Annex H along with Article 760 of the National Electrical Code.

There are eleven sessions in all which requires the computer to be on.
The time log on will earn time credit toward their 32 hours.

At the end of each session there is a mini quiz. If you have an incorrect answer the right answer will appear after you submit. It redirects you to the right article. The final quiz is the accumulation of all the mini quizzes.

The course is designed to help navigate through the N.F.P.A. 72.

Requirement: 2007 NFPA-72